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My Holiday

During the semester holiday,i spent my holiday in home.In home i just do what should be done,like getting out of bed, and then taking a shower,and then eat my breakfast ,and then lay on the bed and play my smartphone.

Nothing special on my holiday,during the holidays,i don't go anywhere,actually sometimes i visited my cousin who is close to my house.My cousin name is Naomi,i visited her house,when i'm bored in home.I visited her home and bring some snacks.In her house at home, we watch some movies. We watch murder movies,the tiltle is SAW ,we watched it every day, there are seven parts, and we watched it from part 1 until part 4.

This movie tells the story of the game of murder , and the game is not just a game, the rules of the game are all those who participated, must complete the mission, the mission is always related to some one life , if the people who participated the game did not  complete the given mission, the person will die.

Even though that's very disgust, we keep watching it until part 4,because the film makes us think about that stories and make us intrigued.Not just a murder movie that we watched,we visit youtube and search some channels that we think is exciting.and finally we found some channel that make us very exciting,the name of channel is Jovi Adhiguna.

Jovi Adhiguna channel is very interesting, because the video is very funny,i and Naomi laugh at his videos because in his videos ,he doing something funny and make us laugh at it.And that is my semester holiday,i hope you enjoyed to read it

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Yip was born to Yip Oi-dor and Wu Shui. He grew up in a wealthy family in Foshan, Guangdong, and received a traditional Chinese education. His elder brother was Yip Kai-gak, his elder sister was Yip Wan-mei and his younger sister was Yip Wan-hum.[3]
Yip started learning Wing Chun from Chan Wah-shun when he was 7. Chan was 64 at the time, and Yip became Chan's last student.[4][5] Due to his teacher's age, Yip learnt most of his skills and techniques from Chan's second eldest disciple, Wu Chung-sok (吳仲素). Chan lived three years after Yip's training started and one of his dying wishes was to have Wu continue teaching Yip.
At the age of 16, Yip moved to Hong Kong with help from his relative Leung Fut-ting. One year later, he attended school at St. Stephen's College—a secondary school for wealthy families and foreigners living in Hong Kong.[3] During Yip's time at St. Stephen's he saw a foreign police officer beating a woman and intervened.[3] The officer attempted to attack Yip, but Yip struck him down and ran to school with his classmate. Yip's classmate later told an older man who lived in his apartment block. The man met with Yip and asked what martial art Yip practised. The man told Yip that his forms were "not too great".[3] The man challenged Yip's Wing Chun inchi sao (a form of training that involves controlled attack and defence). Yip saw this as an opportunity to prove that his abilities were good, but was defeated by the man after a few strikes. Yip's opponent revealed himself to be Leung Bik, Chan Wah-shun's senior and the son of Chan's teacher, Leung Jan. After that encounter, Yip continued learning from Leung Bik.
Yip returned to Foshan when he was 24 and became a policeman.[3] He taught Wing Chun to several of his subordinates, friends and relatives, but did not officially run a martial arts school. Some of his better known informal students were Chow Kwong-yue (周光裕), Kwok Fu (郭富), Lun Kah (倫佳), Chan Chi-sun (陳志新), Xu He-Wei (徐和威) and Lui Ying (呂應). Among them, Chow Kwong-yue was said to be the best, but he eventually went into commerce and stopped practising martial arts. Kwok Fu and Lun Kah went on to teach students of their own and they passed down the art of Wing Chun in the Foshan and Guangdong region. Chan Chi-sun and Lui Ying went to Hong Kong later but neither of them accepted any students. Yip went to live with Kwok Fu during the Second Sino-Japanese War and only returned to Foshan after the war, where he continued his career as a police officer. Yip left Foshan for Hong Kong at the end of 1949 after the Chinese Communist Party won the Chinese Civil War because he was an officer of the Kuomintang(Nationalist Party), the Communists' rival in the Civil War.[6]
Life in Hong Kong[edit]
Ip man and Bruce Lee.
Initially, Yip Man's teaching business was poor because Yip's students typically stayed for only a couple of months. He moved his school twice: first to Castle Peak Road in Sham Shui Po and then to Lee Tat Street (利達街) in Yau Ma Tei. By then, some of his students had attained proficiency in Wing Chun and were able to start their own schools. Some of his students and descendants sparred with other martial artists to compare their skills and their victories helped increase Yip's fame.
In 1967, Yip and some of his students established the Wing Chun Athletic Association (詠春體育會).[7][8] The main purpose of the Wing Chun Athletic Association was to help Yip tackle his financial difficulties in Hong Kong.[9]
Yip Man was said to have regularly used opium.[10] One of his former students, Duncan Leung, claimed that Yip used tuition money to support his opium addiction.[11]
Death and legacy[edit]
Yip Man's gravestone
Yip died on December 2, 1972 in his unit at 149 Tung Choi Street in Hong Kong,[1] from throat cancer, only 7 months before the death of Bruce Lee.[12]
Yip's legacy is the global practice of Wing Chun. Ip Chun the eldest son of Ip Man is as passionate and relentless in keeping his father's Wing Chun kung fu legacy alive and in 2014 Ip Chun was selected to represent Wing Chun as the inheritor of the legacy of Wing Chun-style kung fu.[13] His notable students include: Ho Kam Ming, Leung Sheung, Lok Yiu, Chu Shong-tin, Wong Shun Leung,Bruce Lee, Moy Yat, Victor Kan, his nephew Lo Man Kam, and his sons Ip Ching and Ip Chun.
Yip also left behind a written history of Wing Chun.[14] Many artifacts of his life are on display in the "Yip Man Tong" museum in theFoshan Ancestral Temple grounds.[15]
In popular culture[edit]
Ip Man, a Hong Kong film based on the life of Yip Man, starring Donnie Yen as the martial artist, was released in cinemas in 2008. The film takes a number of liberties with Yip's life, often for dramatic effect. Yip's eldest son Ip Chun appears in the film and served as a consultant on the production, which focuses on Yip's life during the 1930s to the 1940s during the Second Sino-Japanese War. The film is the first to be based on the life of Yip. The sequel Ip Man 2 focuses on Yip's beginnings in Hong Kong and his students, includingBruce Lee. Ip Man has taught many other people. Amid a surge of Yip Man–related film projects in production, Donnie Yen told the Chinese media in March 2010 that after Ip Man 2, he will no longer play the Wing Chun master. He stated, "I would never ever touch any films related to Ip Man. This will be my final film on the subject. Whenever something becomes a success, everyone would jump on the bandwagon, this is very frightening. Did you know how many Ip Man films are in production? Under such condition, we would not progress, it'd only lead to over-saturation of the subject matter." However a new film to the same series - Ip Man 3 - was released on 24 December 2015 having Donnie Yen again starring as the grandmaster of Wing Chun-Yip Man.

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Timun Emas

Long time ago, lived an old women named Mbok Sirni. She lived by herself because her husband had long passed away and she had no children. Every day, she prayed so God would give her a child. One night, when she was praying, a giant passed her house and heard her pray. “I can give you a child on one condition,” the giant said to Mbok Sirni, “You must give the child back to me when it is six years old.” Mbok Sirni was so happy; she did not think about the risk of losing the child later and agreed to take the giant’s offer. The giant then gave her a bunch of cucumber seeds. “Plant it around your house.” The giant then left without saying anything else. In the morning, Mbok Sirni planted the seeds. The seeds grew within mere days, and blossomed plentifully.Not longer after that, a big golden cucumber grew from plants. Carefully, Mbok Sirni plucked the golden cucumber and carried it home. With caution and care, she sliced the cucumber. She was very surprised to see a beautiful baby girl inside the cucumber. She then named the baby Timun Emas.\
Years passed by and Timun Emas has grew to become a lovely and beautiful little girl. She was also smart and kind. Mbok Sirni loved her very much. But she kept thinking about the time the giant would take Timun Emas away from her. One night, Mbok Sirni had a dream. In order to save Timun Emas from the giant, she had to meet the holy man who lived in Mount Gundul. The next morning, Mbok Sirni took leave of Timun Emas to go to Mount Gundul. The holy man then gave her four little bags, each one containing cucumber seeds, needles, salt, and shrimp paste. “Timun Emas can use these to protect herself,” said the holy man to Mbok Sirni.

A few days later, the giant came to see Mbok Sirni about her promise. “Mbok Sirni! Where is Timun Emas?” shouted the giant. “My daughter, take these bag with you. It can save you from the giant. Now, run through the back door,” said Mbok Sirni. But the giant saw Timun Emas running to the woods. The giant was angry. Starved and enraged, he rushed toward Timun Emas. Mbok Sirni tried to stop him, but the giant was unstoppable.

The giant was getting closer and closer, so Timun Emas opened the first bag she got from Mbok Sirni. Inside the bag were cucumber seeds. She threw the seeds, and instantly they grew into large cucumber field. But the giant ate them all, giving him more strength. As the giant was getting close, Timun Emas took the second bag with needles inside and spilled the content behind her. The needles turned into bamboo trees, sharp and thorny. The giant’s body was scratched and bled. “Aaargh, I’ll get you, Timun Emas!” shouted the giant as he tried to get himself out from the bamboo field. He made it and still chasing Timun Emas.

Timun Emas then reached the third bag and spilled the salt inside. The ground which the salt touched turned into a deep sea. The giant almost drown and had to swim to cross the sea. After some time, he managed to get out from the water. Timun Emas saw the giant coming, so she reached for the last bag. She took the shrimp paste and threw it. The shrimp paste became a big swamp of boiling mud. The giant was trapped in the middle of the swamp. The mud slowly but surely drowned him. Helpless, he roared out, “Help! Heeeeelp…!” Then the giant drown and died. Timun Mas then immediately went home. Since then, Timun Emas and Mbok Sirni live happily ever after.


  1.Why Mbok Sirni pray to the God everyday?
  a.Because she want to die
  b.Because she want a money
  c.Because her child want to die
  d.Because she want a husband
  e.Because Mbok Sirni doesn't have a child,so she pray to the god everyday so god would give her a child.

        2.What the requirement given by Raksasa to Mbok Sirni?
  a.Mbok Sirni must give a shoes to the Raksasa.
  b.Mbok Sirni must give a money to the Raksasa.
  c.Mbok Sirni must give a clothes to the Raksasa.
  d.Mbok Sirni must give a cucumber seeds to the Raksasa.
  e.Mbok Sirni must give the child (Tmun Emas) back to the Raksasa when it is six years old.
3.What is the baby name who came from the cucumber?
   a.Bawang Emas
   b.Keong Emas
   c.Timun Emas
   d.Batu Emas
   e.Ratu Emas

4.What the contents of 4 small pouch given by holy man?

  a.The small pouch contains onion,cucumber seeds,shrimp paste,and needles.
  b.The small pouch contains rock,shrimp paste,cucumber seeds,and needles.
  c.The small pouch contains cucumber seeds,salt,needles,and shrimp paste
  d.The small pouch contains cucumber seeds,needles,shoes,and potato.
  e.The small pouch contains clothes,cucumber seeds,and shrimp paste.

5.What the contents of the first bag thrown by Timun Emas?
a.Cucumber seeds
b.shrimp paste

Selasa, 27 September 2016

Unforgettable Moment

Yesterday,on 27 September i had a bad incident that cannot be forgotten in my life,ok this is my story,please enjoy it :)))

My Zipper's Broke

         Yesterday,i have a swimming activity at Siliwangi swimming pool.But before we go to the pool,me with my friends want to have a lunch in Bazzar.In Bazzar i'm buy "Batagor".After we have a lunch,we go to the siliwangi swimming pool,at 15.45 we arriving at Siliwangi swimming pool.After we put our bags in lockers,we change our clothes in toilet,so many people in toilet,so we must wait other people to finish their activity.\
        I changing clothes outside,while my friends change a clothes in the toilet room.A few minutes later a few minutes later i want to a pee,because of that i wait my friends out form the toilet.After my friends out from the toilet,i go to inside the toilet,but because my swimsuit wear a zipper,i must open the zipper,but after i pee ,when i want to close my swimsuit ,i'm realize that my zipper is broken,''Oh My God what should i do???" and OMG the people in the toilet look at me,i'm so shy, and i'm so panic,so i tell my firends that my zipper is broken,so my friends help me to fix the zipper,but me and my friends can't fix the zipper,so i go to the outside to buy a swimsuit,omg why this swimsuit is so expensive,the price is 300.000 rupiah,the lucky that i'm bring so many money in my wallet,so i bought that swimsuit and do the swim test.
     After i do the swim test,i call my mom to pick me up from the siliwangi swimming pool,but my mom told me to call my older sister to pick me up,so i call my sister to pick me up,and after i call my sister,my sister is waiting at outside the siliwangi swimming pool


Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung is an amusement park in Bandung,Indonesia. Trans Studio is built on a land with size of 4,2 hectares with an investment cost up to 2 trillion Rupiah.Trans Studio Bandung is composed of three large sections,a shopping mall called Trans Studio Mall (usually referred as TSM), a recreation park called Trans Studio,and a luxury hotel called Trans Studio Hotel.

Trans Studio Mall Bandung or usually referred as TSM is the largest shopping mall in Bandung,Indonesia.The mall is located strategic location at jalan Gatot Subroto.The shopping mall has 5 floors in total.

This is the map in the recreation park

So this is the rides in recreation park

Yamaha Racing Coaster,This rides is perfect for you who want to test the adrenaline,because this rides is very fast.If you have a trauma,I’m told you,don’t ride this rides,because this rides might be make your trauma will be more and more

Jelajah,this rides will give you the experience of adventure in the African forest and were met with wild animals and pass a waterfall with a height of 13 meters.

Giant Swing, Giant Swing is the first giant swing in Indonesia.These rides will take you spinning at a height of 18 Meters.

Marvel Superhero 4D,this rides is showing you about superhero in marvel comic in 4D

Vertigo,this rides is a giant windmill that can take you spin around 360 degrees.

Special Efect Action,This rides uncover the secret behind the action film

Negeri Raksasa,This rides makes you visit he lands of the giants that above the clouds and you are ready to drop in height of 20 meters.

Dunia Lain,This rides will makes you tense because this rides is a rides that brings you to a place that is haunted in Bandung.

Science Center,this rides is a rides to play and learn science.

Broadcast Museum,this rides gives you the secrets behind the production of various programs that exist in Trans TV and Trans 7.

Sky Pirates,These rides take you around the Trans Studio Bandung.

Kong Climb,this rides suitable for those who like to climb walls to steals a gems guarded by the Kingkong.

Dragon Riders,This rides give you the experience of riding a dragon.

Blackheart Pirate Ship,This rides is a playground forchildren,that make your child doesn’t want to leave these rides.

Racing Car,This rides is rides for those who want to learn to drive safely.

Pulau Liliput,This rides is a special area for children.

Trans Movie Magic,This rides gives you a wide screen viewing experience more real.

Trans City Theatre,This rides is a magnificent theatre by presenting a variety of performance.

Amphitheatre TSB,this rides is featuring a variety show with a spectacular design and special effect.
Thanks for the attention 

Selasa, 20 September 2016


Hello, readers! This is my first English assignment. It's about the reason why I choose SMAN 3 Bandung to be my school.
          let me tell you about the first time I knew SMAN 3 Bandung. Since I was a student of Junior High School, at 13 JHS Bandung, my mom always tells me that favorite school in Bandung is 3 SHS,because 3 SHS is an elite school in Bandung which has the best teachers from all over Indonesia,that’s why 3 SHS is the best school in Bandung.
I became a ninth-grader and I had to work hard to get great scores on the national exam because my achievement was not a collateral for me. Finally I faced the national exam,but I just got 342.5.The lucky,PPDB  open lines in the region,why? because it is an opportunity for people living in Bandung to enter sma 3 bandung, while sma 3 has a passing grade 116, and alhamdulillah my score was enough to get in to  sma 3, It was a really wonderful gift from Allah. 
                   Finally, the time that I had been waiting came. On July 16, I participated in the technical meeting of PLiST (Pengenalan Lingkungan Sekolah Tiga) 2016. We were given some tasks. On July 18. we participated in PLiST. It was really fun. I joined group 2. We were told by our mentors about the story of SMAN 3, about the very much tasks, about the really hard tests, and many more. I'm ready. We were also taught about the motto of SMAN 3, "Knowledge is Power, but Character is More".
            And then Before I entered X  MIPA 10 class,i entered X Social 1,because i failed the psychological test,and my social bigger than schience,because of that i was put into a X Social 1.But i want to enter the schience class, because my future goals of becoming an architect, that is why I appeal to the school to put me in science class,and school accept my request, but I was given a contract by the school that I was only given probation in science classes for 3 months,and I accepted it, and I was put into a  MIPA 10 class. I hope that I can survive in this science class.